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Week 2

What a busy week Woodpeckers! You are all fabulous.

Penny & Dudley complete this weeks rainbow challenge

A letter from Mrs Chrysler

Hello Woodpeckers,

Well done on completing week 1 of home learning for the summer term.  I have loved all the photos, videos and messages that have been coming in on the class e-mail.  Keep them coming they really make me smile.  You can see some slide shows of all the photos you e-mailed in from last week in Summer 1 week 1. You can also see Penny (Miss Stevens’ dog) and Dudley’s (Mrs Carson’s dog) wild flower hunt results.

Here are your tasks for this week.  Remember these are very different times and home learning will look different for all of us.  Your mummies and daddies are still trying to do their own work at home too, you will have to be sharing computers and the internet, it’s tough! Be kind to yourselves.  Just try and do what you can and keep to the same routine every day.  If you don’t get chance to complete all the tasks that is okay, you could try and learn some other skills instead whilst helping out at home.  Maybe try and help sort the washing into different loads, coloureds, whites and darks for example.  You could help shake the laundry before handing it out to be put onto the line.  Whatever you get up to Woodpeckers stay safe, keep happy and keep washing those hands. 

I miss you all,

Miss Stevens



KS1   The Pentecost story that you read last week tells us about the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit helped Jesus’ friends to go and spread God’s love.

We are all trying extra hard to be kind and loving at the moment.  Could you think of something kind that you could do to show your family that you love them? 

If you draw, write about or take a picture of your kindness, ask you grown up to send it to the class email address and your teacher will post them on the website.



The lessons are all available on the White Rose Maths website at

Oops, we jumped ahead, different schools are on different Easter breaks, so we need to go back a week to Week 2. When you open you will find Lesson 1 is compare capacity, Lesson 2 is counting in tens and so on. Watch the video, remembering to pause when it asks to answer any questions.  When you have finished watching the video you can then complete the activity sheet.  There is also an answer sheet to help you.  Complete one lesson per day, each lesson should take approximately 30-45 minutes.


Task 1 – Spelling. This week’s spellings are words ending in ‘y’.  Watch the powerpoint and then complete the ‘What am I?’ activity sheet.  Don’t forget to practise your spellings every day and ask someone to do a spell check with you on Friday.

Task 2 - Grammar – Using the conjunction ‘and’.  * This task can be divided and split to be completed over two days. Read and work through the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheets.  Remember if you do not have access to a printer you can just write the answers on a sheet of paper, chalk board/white board for an adult to check  For each activity you will need to choose which chilli challenge you want to complete and you only need to complete one.

Task 3 - Comprehension. Read the story of the Cautious Caterpillar and then answer the questions.  Don't forget to just choose one chilli challenge to do.  
Task 4 – Writing.  Draw and label a diagram of the life cycle of a butterfly.


This week’s phonics focus is adding adding ‘y’ when saying /ee/

There are various activities to complete.


This week you will be thinking about gardens and what plants might grow in gardens and how they are different to wild plants.  Read through the powerpoint and then complete the task sheet.

Rainbow Challenge

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