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Week 1

Can it be only one week since the Christmas holidays?  Kingfishers have already packed in a lot of learning!

We started our week with a visit to the forest, where we discovered some clues to enthuse reading of our first quality text of the term, "The Lost Happy Endings" by Carol Ann Duffy.  The children really got "under the skin" of this text in their discussions and writing.  On our working wall we are building up grammar tools, techniques and vocabulary to help us create a high quality written piece in our Golden Writing Books later in the term.


We have been developing understanding of decimal fractions in maths lessons.  In particular, the children are encouraged to make and compare visual representations such as place value grids, part-whole models and bar models to deepen understanding of calculation and problem-solving strategies.  Ask you child to show you and to explain their reasoning as they calculate.

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