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Week 1

Hello Finches and your families,

I hope you are keeping safe and well. Thank you for all the lovely emails and photos you sent me last half term, please keep in touch if you can: 

I am missing you all soooo much! During the Whit holiday, I was looking through the photos since we've been in the Finches Class together. We were in school for seven months, so I have decided to put a "Month of Memories" on our class page for the next seven weeks - starting with September :

Wheelie Day, Robots and Rock Stars .............

I hope you have enjoyed your Whit break, especially in the beautiful weather. Lacey has had lots of fun, especially swimming to cool off, with her best buddy Barney. In the last photo, she was too exhausted to get out of my car!

Here's the work for this week, please just try to do your best:

Maths for week beginning 8/6/20:


Please go to '' and select Year 4.

We are now on 'Summer Term - week 6 (w/c 1st June)

(not w/c 8th June because we had a 2 week break for Whit).


Monday 8th June: Lesson 1 - Add 2 or more fractions

Tuesday 9th June: Lesson 2 - Subtract fractions

Wednesday 10th June: Lesson 3 - Fractions of quantities

Thursday 11th June: Lesson 4 - Calculate quantities

Friday 12th June: Friday Maths Challenge


*PLEASE NOTE: White Rose are no longer providing the worksheets for free so I have attached them below, with answers.

I would still like you to keep practising your times tables on 'TT Rock Stars' and I have also attached some tables tests for you to try this week:

English for week beginning 8/6/20:



As it is 'World Oceans Day' on Monday 8th June, I have chosen a comprehension about Oceans, which links to this week's geography focus too. Please choose challenge 1, 2 or 3 to complete.

SPaG - Spelling,Punctuation and Grammar:

In our grammar and punctuation lessons there are often complicated names for something that is actually very easy. I know some parents would appreciate some clarity on these. So Finches, I have just attached some posters to help us all with this terminology:

So over this half term, we will revise and practise each of these, starting with FRONTED ADVERBIALS. Try the mini test first to see what you can remember, then work through the booklet. *Parents there are helpful definitions and examples in the booklet.

Please continue to choose challenge 1, 2 or 3 on the weekly SPaG mats too, as they are good revision ready for Year 5:

For spellings this half term, there will be three tasks for every child to complete each week. (There are 21 in total, to cover all statutory spellings for Year 4, so we can practise them all over the 7 weeks):

Your writing task this week is also your science work:


Our science theme for this half term is "Science and Inventors". We are going to start by researching "Alexander Graham Bell". I have attached 7 fact sheets about him but obviously you can use other resources too.


Your task is to produce a fact file, poster or PowerPoint about his life and what he invented.


Please make sure you include facts from each of these seven areas: ‘Early Life’, ‘First Invention’, ‘Work with Deaf People’, ‘Work with Sound’, ‘The Telephone’, ’His Legacy’ and ‘Controversy’.


Geography work for week beginning 8/6/20:

As it is 'World Oceans Day' on Monday 8th June, I would like you to look at this PowerPoint and complete the comprehension task, as set in your English work for this week.


In geography this half term, we are looking to develop your locational knowledge of Europe and the World. So please have a go at labelling the continents and oceans of the World on this map: 
Also, following on from your research at the end of last half term (about four European countries), please locate the countries on this map of Europe: 

Here are some suggested RE activities for this week:

Well done my fantastic Finches, I am so proud of each and every one of you! Thank you parents for all your hard work, support and encouragement with this home learning. Hope to catch up and speak to you all again very soon.

Love from Miss Gregory & Lacey xx




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