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Week 1

Welcome Back!

 Good Morning Nightingale Class!


I have brought Nige along to see you this morning as he's been feeling quite fed up just hanging out in the classroom by himself! I hope you are all well and that have enjoyed the very sunny half term that you've just had,


This half term you will notice that all upper juniors have history and geography tasks too. Mrs Allen, Mrs Watkins and I felt that we wanted to add more variety to your learning this half term. You should continue to focus your efforts on maths and English each day. You may not get all of the other tasks done so I recommend that you certainly commit to one of the three topics and ensure that you do the work for that topic each week. 



Team Points!


This half term I would like to introduce team points. You do not have to take part in this if you do not want to. Read about how they will work and decide for yourselves.

At the end of each school week, by Friday at 5pm, you and your parents should count up how many pieces of work you have done that week - parents please don't worry, I am not at all checking up on you and there will certainly not be any judgement from me. Each piece of work, completed to your parents' satisfaction, earns 1 team point. Once you have a total, send a very quick email to: with your name, which team you are in and how many points you have gained that week. I will keep a tally of these and update you each week. There will be a prize for the winning team at the end of week 6.

Monday Morning Assembly

You will be aware that people have taken to the streets in America and elsewhere in the world to protest after the death of George Floyd.

We are going to begin our week with a short video assembly where a woman explains how, as 10 year old girl, the memory of Dr Martin Luther King’s speech –‘I have a dream’- has stayed with her across the years…an inspiration to carry on striving for justice and freedom for everyone.

Please watch at

Or search for School Radio – Assemblies KS2, Dream on: Martin Luther King

The video last for 6 minutes.

Mrs Taylor's Maths Class - Instructions

Mrs Watkins's Maths Class - Instructions

Wednesday's and Thursday's English Work - Writing

Friday's English Work - Reading Comprehension

If you are in Mrs Watkins's reading class, please do a page of your CPG book. If you would prefer to do the reading comprehension above, please feel free to do so.

Nightingale Class in Action!

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