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Week 1


KS1  Ask a grown up to help you find some headlines from Good News stories this week.  For example, with your grown-up, you might like to choose a story from CBBC Newsround

Talk about the story with your family.  Say why you think it is good news.  You could draw a picture and write sentences to say what happened and who did a good thing.

Take time to reflect on the story.  Think about people’s beliefs – do you think Christian or other faith believers would agree that this was good news? Why?


This half term we will continue to use the White Rose Maths home learning.  As some schools went back last week we are a week behind on the scheme.  You need to be looking at week 6 which has the first lesson - measure mass.





This weeks spelling words contain 'ph' and 'wh'.


Reading, Writing and Grammar

This week all the reading, writing and grammar activities are within the talk 4 writing booklet - Sidney Spider, A Tale of Friendship.  Talk 4 writing is a process we have used within our own classwork at school, specifically the unit we completed when we read the story of the Gingerbread Man. 

If your child would like some additional reading for this week related to seasons, please see the PDF below. 


This half term we will be exploring the seasons and how they change.  There are lots of videos and activities that can be found on the espresso site.  If you need a reminder of the log in please e-mail in.

Watch the following clip from BBC bitesize.  

Using the sheet below sort the objects into the correct seasons.  Then answer the question - Which season is your favourite and why? 



Rainbow Challenge

This weeks Rainbow Challenge is all about recognising 'Rainbow Moments'.  You can use the sheet to write your special rainbow moments and share them by sending them in to the class e-mail if you wish.  

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