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Week 1

Hello Owls,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable break and feel ready to start doing some home learning again.


Thank you to everyone who has been emailing with updates, it is lovely to hear from you and I hope to hear more from you this half term. I understand that we didn’t get long together as a class, but I hope that emailing and seeing our website pictures from your friends have helped. This half term, It would be great to be able to add more pictures of you doing fun and creative things each week.


I thought it would be a great if you all sent in a photo or short video saying hi to your friends at school as a way of keeping in touch. Like the teacher video we made last half term, it would be nice to make an Owls Class version to let everyone know you’re thinking of them. You could send a general hello to Owls class and a specific hello to the friends and adults you miss from school. A poster (you do not need to be holding it), a picture of you or a short video would be fantastic. I will then be able to put it all together into a video (fingers crossed) for everyone to see.


Please continue to develop your interests, try to do the work you can and do not worry about getting into a learning pit. If you begin to wobble and can’t seem to work through it, take a break and come back to it when you feel better or send an email and I will try to support you and your parents through it. Staff will be attending school a lot more, rather than working from home, to support the children returning to school for the last half term. So, if you have any questions during this half term please continue to email me via our email address and I try to get back to you as soon as I can.


All my best, 


Miss Ward

What have the Owls been up to this week? 

Saskia has included her family's nationalities/ where they live. A Lovely way of adding extra information about your family.

Taking family tree to a whole new level there Esme. An actual tree of family members, super idea.

Some great creative writng Zarnib. I can see you also went back and edited your work which is fantastic.

Creating a family tree using sticks is a super idea girls. Well done Lyla and Elsie

Here are the worksheets and answers to this week's work for Maths. Remember to continue using White Rose to access the video resources and Bitesize for extra input. The White Rose resources began last week to accommodate the children who returned to school on the 1st June, therefore our week 1 work corresponds with the 1st June week on the White Rose site. 

How much do you know about your family history? Well this week is a great opportunity to find out. We have spent a lot more time with our families, thinking about/ talking to our extended family over the past few months which gives us a great opportunity to find out about our family history. You may have spoken about/ remembered relatives over the VE celebrations or looked through old family photos while learning from home. Let’s try and find out about our families and create our own family trees.


I have attached a PowerPoint about family trees with an example of the Queen’s family included. I have included a templates that you may want to use for your family tree, or you can create your own. You can draw pictures to illustrate your family members, include photos, and decorate it however you wish. You may find out you have some exciting stories about someone in your family,  and want to write them down to send in for us to all learn about your family.

Our Science topic this half term is seasonal changes and how it effects us. This week, let's have a look at what the seasons are and think about the differences between them. Have a look at he Bitesize webpage about the seasons, then see if you can sort the seasonal items and write about your favourite season. 

Sort the items into the correct seasons and then answer the question 'Which is your favourite season and why?'


Learn something new: Sign Language 

I will be putting a video link up each week for you to start to learn something new, British Sign Language, a non-verbal (not spoken) way of communicating. This week, I will be sharing an introducation video and another video about family, which fits well with our writing activity this week.

I hope you enjoy learning. 


note to parents: you may want to slow the speed of the video to give children the time to read the subtitles and look at the signing, using the settings (cog icon) at the bottom of the video.


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