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Week 1

Nightingale Class, are you there? It's Mrs Taylor here! Well, our return to learning is a little bit different this half term, isn't it? Despite the fact that we will be all learning separately, at home, I am looking forward to the half term ahead and I hope you are too. 


Each week until we are back in the classroom together, I will post your work for the week ahead on the class page. I will often provide instructions for both you and your adults so that you know exactly what to do.


If you are not able to print out the worksheets, don't worry! Instead of printing out, simply write your answers on paper. If at all possible, it would be a great idea to have a lined and a squared notebook or pad of paper for completing maths and English tasks on.

Where can the answers be found?

For all pupils' maths work, the answers are provided on the website where the tasks and teaching videos come from.


For spelling, grammar and reading comprehension, the answers are  in the documents provided.

Maths Work for Pupils in Mrs Taylor's Maths Class

Maths Work for Pupils in Mrs Watkins's Maths Class

Friday's English Work - Reading Comprehension for Mrs Taylor's Reading Group

If you are in Mrs Watkins's reading group, please do one page from your CGP book.If you do not have this at home with you, please do the work which has been set for the children in Mrs Taylor's reading group instead.

Nightingale Class In Action!

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