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Week 1

Doves Class Blog Week 1 Summer 1


Good Morning to all the lovely Doves,


Hope you are well and in good spirts. Hope you had a great Easter. Here are the weekly learning tasks. Please send all your achievements to

I look forward to hearing from you all. Remember you can continue to follow us on Twitter @ACEdoves.

I have attached an additional letter for you to read with your parents.

I miss you all lots!

Don’t forget to continue to have a growth mindset.   

Stay safe and take care.

I am really proud of you all.

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter

Year 3 and Year 4 Additional Writing Task

Year 3 and Year 4 RE

French From Nathalie

Dove’s class have a weekly French lesson on a Wednesday for 40 minutes. This is taught and planned by our French Assistant Nathalie.

If you do have any questions regarding French please contact

Please address your email to Nathalie.

Many Thanks,

Miss Baxter



Hello to all the Doves,

I hope your first day of online learning has been a success.

It is great to hear what you have all been up to today. It was also lovely to see some of the Doves key worker children at school.

Please keep sending in your achievements to

I look forward to seeing all the learning that you are doing.


Well done to Eben who has been working hard in English and maths.

Well done for doing lots of Easter activities.

A big shout out to all the children who have been on TT Rockstars today.

Mary, Lily C, Keita, Frank, Sophia and Eben.

In school today we did some animal puzzles.

We got them from the National Geographic Kids

We were busy.Here they are!




Well done today everybody.  Keep up the hard work. You can do this!

Take care,

Miss Baxter


Well done Doves we have all successfully completed the second day of online learning. We are all doing so well.



I received a special message for you all today.

It was great hearing from so many of you today!!


Well done William.

William has been working very hard in English and maths.

He has also enjoyed playing lots of sports in his garden.

William has also took part in the Lego challenge and created two models. He has made a rocket and a house.

These look brilliant and thank you for joining in. I have also attached the Lego Challenge if anyone else would like to have a go.

Here are the models.

Well done to Amber.

Amber has been working really hard doing English and maths.

Keep it up!

Well done to Eben who is continuing to work hard every day.

Keep up the growth mindset Eben.


Well done to Arush who is working hard. He is also enjoying playing Minecraft and Badminton with his mum and dad.


TT Rockstars children who logged in today include:


Mary, William, Leon, Keita, Georgia H, Frank, Charlotte, Eben and Amber.


Let’s try to all get on TT Rockstars tomorrow for a full house!!!!


I have been at school again today with the key worker children.

We enjoyed making chocolate rice krispie cakes. We also did crafts and drew a rainbow.

Have you all got rainbows in your window? If you have email them in and we can share them.




Hope tomorrow goes well Doves.

Please send in your achievements to


Doves I am very proud of you all.


Take care,

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves,

We are nearly at the end of the first week with our online learning. 

One day left we can do this! 

Thank you again for all the lovely messages. 


Well done to all the children who went on TT Rockstars today. 

Lucie, Lily, William,Eben, Frank, Sophia, Luke and Charlotte. 


Lots of great home learning work here.

Amazing English, maths, French and music.

Keep it up!




We enjoyed decorating biscuits today in school with the key worker children.

They looked great.


Our love and gratitude goes to all the NHS workers, Emergency services, carers and all of the other amazing key workers.

Thank you all!


Stay safe and keep well,

Miss Baxter


Hello Doves,

WOW! What a busy and successful week we have had. Firstly, thank you for all of the kind messages, they mean so much. I am so proud of you all and I am proud to be your teacher.


Firstly Lily C has sent some beautiful artwork from the Tactile Arts club and has been doing lots of science. Well done Lily! Here is her work.

Super English, Maths and Science here. Well done. Keep up the hard work.

Luke has emailed to tell me he has been very busy and has done lots of home learning. Luke has been playing football, computer games, homework, making birdfeeders, baking bread and playing on NumBots. He is also reading Danny the Champion of the World. Well done Luke.

You all have been busy! Jo Wicks and dancing with Oti Mabuse, looks like great fun. Great maths, English and COVID-19 time capsule here. Lots of reading, baking, running, guitar lessons and playing games.

Keep up the hard work and keep dancing.

Lucie has sent this well written setting description on grandad’s garage. She has carefully followed the success criteria. What a fantastic piece of writing. I enjoyed reading it.

Well done to Arush.

Arush has been working hard doing times tables, spellings, English and Science.

Great Science work today!

Children who logged into TT Rockstars today.

Well done to William, Frank, Eben and Amber.

ACE supporting our local community:

Our key worker children and school staff have sent thank you gifts to carers at Oldfield Bank care home this week. The school have been working in partnership with the care home with year 4 visiting them every week last half term.

Thank you Doves.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling!  

Miss Baxter

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