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Week 1

Welcome back, Owls. I hope you are all ready for a new, all be it very different, half term. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to come back to school just yet, but remember we are keeping each other safe by staying at home for a little bit longer. To keep your brains busy I will be uploading work on a weekly basis. I want you to do your best, but I understand it is a very different way to be learning and things may be tricky for you. If you do have a wobble, you can always try doing something different and come back to it at another time.


Don't worry if you cannot print any of the work off. Just do your best to complete the work either on a device (tablet, laptop, PC etc.) or on paper. Remember to read each day and see if you can apply any of your guided reading skills. I would love to see some of the things you have been up to, whether that’s work you’re proud of or something extra you have been doing. Please send anything you would like me to see to and I will upload them to our class page.


Keep safe, active, kind and a growth mindset.

I will see you all as soon as we can.


All my best,

Miss Ward 

A Letter from Mrs. Chrysler

What have the Owls been up to this week? 

Making pizza from scratch. James 'really enjoyed kneading the dough and designing the pizza with his favourite toppings'. What a yummy looking pizza!

Evan has 'written about [his] exercise during his time off school and created a map of the park to help illustrate the writing'. Well Done!


For Maths we are continuing the use of White Rose Maths, which has been made available to all during school closures. The lessons are all available on the White Rose Maths website at 


Summer Term - Week 1


This week continues our fractions topic from before our school closed. You can recap the previous weeks' learning in the drop down sections on the webpage.  




This week, I have uploaded a variety of activities for you to complete. Remember to complete one a day. Start with our spelling lesson and practise them each day. Ask someone to complete a spell check with you on a Friday. Try to use the grammar and spellings you are looking at this week in your writing activity. Send a photo/ document of your postcard to our class email address so that I can see what exciting things you have been up to. 


Task one- Our spellings this week are all around adding the suffixes 'ment', 'ness' and 'ful' to root words.

Task two – A comprehension activity. Please pick one chilli challenge.

Task three- Work through the PowerPoint and worksheets to form adjectives using 'ful' and 'less'.

Task four - Create a postcard telling me all about what you have been doing over the Easter holiday.


This week’s focus is adding 'er' and 'est' to words that end in 'y'. Complete one lesson per day, the fifth lesson will be completed on Monday next week.


Our new topic in Science this half term is plants. Here you can find our first lesson all about wild plants. See if you can spot any in your garden or on your local, daily exercise.

I have just come across this, which looks interesting. Kew Gardens does fantastic work around conserving plants and they have put together some videos that show you around the gardens and teaches you about some of the work they do. Check it out.



Read a children’s Bible (Acts Chapter 2) or watch an animation of the story of Pentecost. 

Talk about the story together and draw a picture to show what you remember from the story.  You could try to write some thought bubbles to describe how Jesus’ friends felt and what they were thinking.

Below is a link to another helpful, short version with the context of the story, told by children.

Rainbow Challenge

Have a go at the Rainbow Challenge.

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