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Week 1

The first school week back in 2020 has been a hectic and engaging one, full of new beginnings. Firstly, we found some exciting clues in the woodland to entice us into our quality text, 'The Lost Happy Endings' by Carol Ann Duffy. After studying the front cover and first page we have so many questions to be answered. Who is Jub? Does she have a family? How did she get the job of scattering happy endings?

We have also begun a new maths block on decimals covering multiplying and dividing by decimals, showing decimals as fractions and vice versa as well as solving problems.

In our topic work we started to consider the location of Baghdad before looking at the historical impact of early Islamic civilisation and in science we were introduced to the classification system leading on from Aristotle's ladder of life.

All the children have enthused about the new areas we are covering in the curriculum this term and we look forward to developing their skills and knowledge next week!

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