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Generosity Autumn 1 2023

Generosity is all about being a giver, not a taker. If you’re generous, then you’re willing to give some of your money, a favourite toy, or even your lunch to help someone in need. 

The best example of a generous person we all know is Jesus! Jesus didn’t just give money or spend time with people, he gave his life for the whole world! He knew that in order to save us from our sins, he would have to die to pay for our mistakes.

This half term we are going to find ways to be generous with our friends, family and the local community so that we are loving, learning and growing together in the footsteps of Jesus.

Example Bible Story: The Generous Widow

Luke 21.1-4

The Generous Widow

Have you ever watched how people give their offerings in church? The money may be placed, dropped, plopped, or tossed in the collection plate.

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