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Ofsted and Performance Data

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

School Improvement Journey

 Ofsted March 2019 Ofsted March 2021
LeadershipLack of challenge from governors; significant decline in standards.Leadership and governance strengthened; Governors better placed to hold leaders to account for the quality of education pupils receive.
CurriculumLeaders and teachers have not adapted quickly enough to curriculum changes; contributed to falling pupil progress.Improvements to the curriculum has ensured that pupils continue to benefit from an education during COVID-19 restrictions. Pupils from the early years to Year 6study the school's broad range of subjects, despite the current challenging circumstances.
Quality of Education The quality of teaching learning and assessment requires improvement...the needs of the pupils are not well met...assessment is not used well to identify gaps in learning.

Teachers identify the knowledge they want pupils to have.  Teachers frequently check work. This gives them a clear understanding of what pupils can do.

Teachers use this information to plan what pupils need to learn next.

Disadvantaged/SEND PupilsDisadvantaged pupils do not make as much progress as their peers.

Vulnerable pupils benefit from the help they receive with their learning.

Engagement with parents has strengthened.

Clear expectations and guidance ensure they know how to help their children.  The SENCO works well with agencies and professionals.

Pupils with SEND continue to receive additional support that they need and benefit both academically and emotionally.

Reading and WritingOver time pupils do not make strong enough progress in reading and writing.

Phonics is delivered consistently to pupils at home and in school; this helps them to pronounce letter sounds new and unfamiliar words.

Pupils at the early stages of reading in KS 2, benefit from the individual support they receive to overcome gaps in their phonics knowledge.

Daily story sessions help to maintain pupils love of reading for pleasure.  The range of texts available online, allows pupils to read widely and often.

Role of Senior and Middle LeadersSome middle leaders are not involved sufficiently in developing their subject or improving teaching.  The curriculum in some subject areas is weak and does not sequence learning well.

Partnership work with a National Leader for Education has enhanced leadership and management skills.

Collaborative work with leaders in other schools has helped subject leaders to improve the quality of the curriculum in most subjects from early years to Year 6.


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