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Justice Summer 2 2021

God has placed us as teachers and parents in the lives of our children to help them learn how to see the world and how to navigate within it.

So it is important that we empower our children  to understand God’s heart for justice and equality. We also need to equip them to act for themselves and for others when facing  injustice. During this half term, we explore what God says through scripture about injustice, whether it’s racial, ethnic, social, gender or any other.  

We are thinking about who God is in our world, and how we can partner with him to bring his justice to our communities. We pray that we may all continue to be transformed every day, and give our all to bring transformation to the world around us. This dove tails perfectly with our Jigsaw Puzzle Piece this half term: Changing Me.

In particular, we are considering the following questions:

Why it is important to have rules and laws? Which rules or laws that you don’t think are just (or fair) Which school rules do you think are important? What would our school/world be like without rules? What does God think about justice and injustice? What is God's command to us to bring justice? How can we speak the truth and challenge injustice?


Example Bible Story:

Jonah and The Whale

Old Testament Book of Jonah 1:17

Jonah and the Whale - Beginners Bible

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