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Distance Learning Offer

Distance Learning Offer at ACE

Our Distance Learning Curriculum Offer is two fold:

  1. Live lessons - delivered via Microsoft Teams
  2. Work will be set and feedback given - via the Seesaw App

The Department for Education have asked that schools have this in place ready to be fully implemented by the end of September 2020. 

ACE is on track to achieve this.

ACE Providing Remote Education Information to Parents Template January 2021

Please note that the model shared is notional and will be differentiated according to the age of the children. It will also be amended in response to parent and pupil feedback.

 Distance Learning Offer Year 3/4 Parent Survey 

We are so grateful for your patience, flexibility and suppport when we recently needed to implement our distance learning model. You recently gave us some valuable and helpful feedback regarding your experience through our parent survey.

Over 85% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with ACE's Distance Learning approach. You have shown your love and appreciation for our teachers and your support has not gone unoticed.

We hope this summary of the outcomes is helpful for you. We will continue to survey year groups who have engaged with the distance learning programme for a sustained period of time.

Although our teaching methods had to change, our mission statement remains the same. We remain committed to: "Loving, learning and growing together, in the footsteps of Jesus."

Your feedback will help us continue improving the pupils' Distance Learning experience.



Here is a summary of the survey:

  1. Please rate your overall experience with ACE's Distance Learning Offer.
85% of our familes said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their distance learning experience.

2. What do you think your teachers are doing well?

Parents appreciate how clear, thorough, clear and available our teachers have been through the Distance Learning environment.


"The forward planning was clear. Great delivery."

"Understanding and teaching the children in the best possible safe way."

"The structure of the day was really good. This ensured there was enough work to keep my child focused throughout the day and gave him a much needed routine. The wipe board and pen to contribute to the lessons was also great as it helped to keep him engaged."

"Regular video calls throughout the day to set and discuss work."

"Teachers took time out to offer adice and help us out if we got stuck."

"The teacher was very patient with the pupils and guided them through their concerns."

"A good range of work. Also available for questions or chat or individual call with a child when the parent was unavailable to help."

"Communication throughout was kind, supportive and helpful. The pace was fast enough to keep students engaged, I was very impressed."

"Live lessons very important and packs sent home were well organised."

"The teacher was very enthusiastic and brilliant at keeping the children engaged."

"Very good delivery of the learning material online."

"Providing good activities which are aligned with the school curriculum."

"The structure each day. Communication and feedback."

"Good balance between virtual activities and contact."

"Keeping close contact with pupils over Teams, Seesaw messages and even voice messages."



3. What has been the hardest challenge?

This has been a difficult transition for everyone. We heard about the challenges you were facing including issues with technology, work load (too much or too little), schedule, time management and balancing a busy work schedule with the new normal.

We are grateful you shared. It gives us an idea of how we can support each other better and reminds us as a community that we are not alone in this period of transition.


"Juggling work commitments with home schooling and other children self-isolating."

"To get the software to work at the beginning."

"The amount of exercises. We only managed to do 3 maximum in a day."

"When you don't have the equipment for my child to do zoom."

"Disorganised my whole family."

"Sharing devices needed for my self-employment.  Keeping younger sibling out of the way during lesson times."

"Arranging printing of worksheets."

"Not enough work to do between live lessons."

"Getting used to the technology."

"Technical issues in the first week."

"Keeping children's interest and engagment sat in front of a laptop."


Improvements we are making

Because of Distance Learning, teachers are learning how to teach differently and pupils are learning how to learn differently. We are making adjustments to improve the pupil learning experience so that they can be successful in this new environment. 

  • We purchased the full SeeSaw version for schools to streamline the user experience for pupils and parents. This will enable teachers and pupils to engage in a more detailed learning dialogue.
  • We will minimise the number of worksheets you need to print off by either providing these  (we are purchasing White Rose Maths Work Books) or posting assignments on Seesaw.
  • We want to fully engage and support individual families who are experiencing difficulties with accessing technology or completing online learning due to work commitments. We are committed to making adjustments which will enable all children and families to access the Distance Learning offer.

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