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Autumn 2 Week 4

A busy week in Nursery Fledglings. This week we have been busy exploring textured paint and colour mixing. We all described the texture, using some super describing words. Some of the children’s favourite words were “sticky, gooey, messy and slimy.” We watched as the primary colours created new colours. 

We have been very busy with our Art work too. As part of our night and day theme, we looked at Van Gogh’s painting of Starry Night. We are so proud of the children’s paintings. We used sponges, brushes and cotton buds to create work in this style. We hope you like our new display. 

Here you can see us during our Letters and Sounds Session. We are using the musical instruments and performing our favourite phonic songs. This week we have been listening to the Letterland songs. The children have been learning the initial letter sounds in their name. 

As part of our work on colour, we listened to the Bible story, Joseph’s Coat. We dressed up in Joseph’s coat and spoke about being fair and kind. The children designed their own costs and started to experiment with weaving. 

In our outdoor area we have been working on our gross motor skills. We have used chalks, brushes and paint rollers on our mark making wall. We have also explored time and enjoyed playing What time is it Mr Wolf? 





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