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Autumn 2 Week 4

Every pupil in Eagles Class should be proud of their fantastic approach to learning this week; they have tackled each and every task with enthusiasm and determination.

Guided reading has been thoroughly enjoyable. In Good Night Mr Tom, Willie is learning to read and write and has had his first ever birthday party aged 9! Meanwhile, our class novel- 'The Goldfish Boy'- has us all wondering what has happened to Teddy Dawson? Why is Old NIna's lamp off? Why is Melody always at the graveyard and why does Casey not seem to care that her little brother is missing?

In English, we have been studying how authors and poets deliberately choose words to create effect. We analysed the Siegfried Sassoon poem 'How to die' and thought about the shades of meaning conveyed by similar words. The children confidently presented their work to the rest of the class.

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